Cheapest Honeymoon Destinations

A wedding is a time of great joy and happiness for couples and their families. The honeymoon after the wedding is in place to help the couple relax and blossom as a newly married pair. It can sometimes be hard for couples to relax on their honeymoon because of the price and costs involved. Honeymoons can be made more relaxing by choosing an affordable and equally satisfying honeymoon destination. The following are some of the most affordable honeymoon destinations that will give you a honeymoon with romance and excitement without breaking the bank.

Montreal, Quebec
If you’ve always dreamed of traveling to Paris, but can’t quite budget the trip in Montreal is your second best option. If you opt to stay in Old Montreal you can find hotels that are less than $150 per night. This area will give you access to the city’s best sightseeing including museums, boutiques and bars. The city has a Parisian feel with the convenience of easy transportation system and many predominantly French-Canadian residents.

Montenegro gives you the European dream vacation that you have always wanted without the high prices that are seen in the bigger tourist areas. It boasts beautiful countryside atmospheres and private suite hostels that start at $75 a night.

Another option for a perfect European getaway is Iceland. It used to be one of Europe’s most thriving tourist destinations, making it expensive and unattainable. Iceland has, like most countries, been hit with the recession. They are relying heavily on tourist revenue and have in turn lowered prices on everything from flights to hotels to make visiting this beautiful country more affordable.

Key West, Florida
Another option for newlyweds to stay stateside, Key West provides a tropical atmosphere for a romantic getaway. Comparable to the Bahamas, couples will love the lazy days, wild nights and never ending fun that can be had in Key West. A perfect destination for summer weddings, as rates tend to be lower in the hot summer months.

Oahu, Hawaii
Hawaii is notoriously expensive, but doesn’t have to be for lovers looking for an affordable destination. Unlike the other, more tourist driven islands, Oahu has lower prices on day to day activities as well as low rates for hotels. Oahu is able to fit into most destination budgets and is still one of the 50 United States.

Puerto Rico
Do you want a honeymoon in a foreign country? Puerto Rico gives you the option of an exotic, Spanish infused vacation without even having to dig for your old passport or pay extra money for a new one. Since it is a territory of the United States, you won’t need to worry about your passport. Flights to this country can be expensive, but most dining, hotels and activities have dropped significantly during the recession.

Sri Lanka
For more adventurous honeymooners, a getaway to the island of Sri Lanka may sound like the perfect opportunity. India can be expensive and, at times, unsafe. Sri Lanka boasts a lower crime rate as well as lower prices on everything from hotels to tours. Transportation on the island is fairly easy, as a train runs the entirety of the island. Airfare is expensive and the plane ride is long, but extremely low prices in the country will save you plenty of honeymooning money. Grab a surfboard, eat with the locals and hike the wonderful Sri Lankan jungles.

With its rich Mediterranean culture, vast beaches- on three different oceans- and airy resorts, this country is much like Greece before it was hit with a wave of tourists. A stay in Turkey can be almost half the price of a stay in Greece and this country offers almost identical amenities, exploring options and exciting activities. Greece boasts island beaches; however Turkey also offers beautiful beach resorts on the mainland, at a fraction of the price.

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