Though far more true in decades past than now, bikers are nonetheless a subculture likely to attract distaste from many people that they encounter.

Whether a Harley Davidson faithful of 40 years or a Kawasaki toting new-schooler; the sight of biker jackets and headgear, whether full face helmets, motocross helmets or perhaps the most fearsome of all- modular helmets, is usually enough to trigger some form of discontent.

This preconceived distancing, though totally unfair and in more cases that not fully unnecessary, is sadly just the way it is. Despite this however, there are still a host of cities in the United States with thriving biker communities, cities that unsurprisingly welcome and cater for folks like us all year long.

Americas Biker Friendly Cities


Situated in the shadow of the Rockies, Denver is the capital of, and the largest city within the state of Colorado. A persistent leader in subculture celebration for many decades now, the city is home to some 600,000 people and boasts a host of biker friendly attractions. From bars to showrooms and even biker oriented accommodation- making time for Denver on any cross country trip is likely to pay off greatly.


Moving out east we come across Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania, the second largest on the eastern seaboard (second only to NYC) and the 5th largest in the entire country. A massively diverse place, Philly has a hell of a lot to offer bikers of all partialities. With deep roots in biker culture, make sure to pack the biggest of your saddlebags if your headed here- as you’re likely to want to stick around for some time.


Home to the University of Arizona, as well as some 520,000 permanent residents, Tucson is an extremely vibrant city. The second largest city in the Western state behind only Phoenix, Tucson is located a mere 60 miles north of the Mexican border- making it an ideal stepping stone for any would be Latina adventure. With an arid climate all year long, make sure to pack your best set of riding chaps, especially if you intend on exploring the surrounding desert areas.


A city world famous as a result of its roots with the old world and in turn the establishment of United States as its own sovereign nation, Boston is located in the very most north eastern corner of the US mainland- in Massachusetts. The largest city in New England and with one of the largest wider metropolitan populations in the country- Boston holds much treasure for the modern day explorer. From a vibrant and impressive downtown area to the wilderness of the northern suburbs, make sure to pack only your warmest biker jackets- as it’s likely to be a cold one.

New York City

A city which hardly needs any form of introduction whatsoever, New York City has acted as an internationally esteemed hub for most great American pass times over the years. This is no truer than in the case of motorcycling, with literally thousands of top-notch bars, shops and general hangouts tailored perfectly towards the cities bikers- both resident and visiting.

Despite the fact that bikers seem as of yet unable to shake many of the negative connotations and stereotypes attached to their interests, demeanor and activity- there are still many places on this wonderful planet that embrace them.

Though determinable among biker factions themselves, for many- anyone atop a motorcycle adorning a biker vest, riding chaps or biker gloves is instantly deem-able as a ‘biker’, in the negative trouble promoting, dangerous outlaw sense of the word. While a sad fact reminiscent of the turbulent history of the pursuit itself, things are starting to change. More and more cities are becoming outwardly ‘biker friendly’, a few of which were covered in the last post. Here are some more!


The largest city in the mid-west, Chicago has a rich history when it comes to motorcycle culture. As a place not shy of hosting the odd outlaw or two over the years, it’s no surprise that our beloved Chi-town is a favored destination among many of the country’s travelling bikers. There are thousands of things to do in this city as a biker- and as the final (or first?) destination of the internationally coveted ‘Route 66’, the place acts as a temporary home for a whole load of bikers each summer.

Washington D.C

Few would have predicted it, what with the city being home to all things upstanding and noble in the United States, however D.C is a city that truly knows how to party. As the capital city of the nation, the population is expectedly rather huge- exceeding 630,000 last year, according to a government census. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly not all of these people are politicians and suit-wearers- many are bikers, and spend their days cruising their hometowns impressive boulevards and surrounding interstate highways.

American Biker


An icon of the windswept north western United States, a well-insulated riding jacket is a must should you be planning on visiting Portland. Marking the start of the Great Pacific Highway, which trails some 2,000 epic miles all the way down to southern California, as well as boating a mass of local wildlife attractions and stunning scenes- Portland is unsurprisingly frequented by many of the west coasts biker contingent on a regular basis.

San Francisco

As the only consolidated city-county in California, San Francisco’s reach spans some 50 miles from the beautiful central Cali coastline all the way inland to the start of the deserts. Encompassing the world renowned ‘Bay Area’, there is far too much to see and do in San Fran- perhaps explaining why it currently ranks as one of the world’s most visited cities. Pack lightly for this one, open face helmets only.


A city famous for its links with the subculture, Seattle is the largest city within the Pacific north-west region of the United States. A thriving hub for music, the arts and generally forward thinking culture- Seattle is a must for any biker who is passionate about their pursuit. Rather unpredictable in terms of weather, it may be best to pack those saddlebags with both motorcycle vests and riding jackets

Kiara Wilson loves riding motorcycles and mapping roads and works as a blogger in motorcycle house. This story particularly describes about most popular cities in America for Bike riding. It will help people knowing about them and planning their road trips. Connect with her to know latest stuff related to biker’s world.


Myself Nilu Gaur, commerce student. Started blogging in 2011 to share my journey stories online. I love to write about vacation, trips, holiday, roadtrip, travel deals etc.

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